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May. 19th, 2011

I love the concept of this Kickstarter project so much - so I'm backing it! You should, too, and help spread the love :)

You can donate here: http://kck.st/fv21zp

The SF Mirrors Project

The SF Mirrors Project is a public art project with one simple purpose at it’s core - to spread a bit of random happiness. The idea is to create a public art installation overnight throughout the city of San Francisco (my home) spreading messages of inspiration, encouragement, and hope.
Seven little reminders of why I love my Douglas... (today, I need 'em.)

Here they are!Collapse )
I know what I'm going to write my Tiny Buddha post about!

May. 4th, 2011


Apr. 26th, 2011

I still can't hear this song without tearing up a little. There's always a special place in my heart for my family at the UDMB!


Guess what... today, I went jogging. Yeah, I don't know how that happened either. It felt exactly like I thought it would - awful at the time, but better (and more awake!) once it was over. So, we'll see how that goes.

That reminds me, though, that I haven't checked up on my 2011 goals in a while...

  1. Incorporate more activity/exercise into my daily routine. Still dancing around like a nutjob when I can, and hopefully getting some more organized exercise in if I keep up this jogging thing...
  2. Volunteer at an animal shelter. I've become certified as a Level 1 volunteer at the Delaware Humane Association. My first official volunteering session is tomorrow after work!
  3. Quit the happy pills. I've found a wonderful and inspiring counselor to help me go through the process, but I'm taking it slow.
  4. Write and submit a blog post for tinybuddha.com. ...Still looking!
  5. Get my freakin' Australia scrapbook completed. I'll admit, this and the Tiny Buddha goals have been pushed WAY aside lately so that I can focus my efforts on the photo book I am making of our Italy trip. They're still on my Todoist, though, so hopefully I will be able to get back to them soon!

Apr. 23rd, 2011

So, we ended up not getting the bunny. Not by choice, though - we went to get her last night (after we'd made sure we had a good home for her and had gotten back from our DC trip), but she had already been sold to someone else. I have to admit, I was much more upset than I thought I'd be that I had missed the opportunity to adopt this sweet, snuggly little pet.

However, I know that the overall experience was a very positive and beneficial one, for a number of reasons:
  1. I know that finding a pet is something important to me, and not just something that I just think about in passing.
  2. I understand the essential difference between finding a pet I truly connect with and meeting just another cute fuzzy thing.
  3. After doing all my research for the bunny, I now have a much better understanding as to what's involved in pet ownership (and how expensive it is... yikes!) so I can be better prepared when I finally get one.
  4. Because I've already considered all these different points in light of getting the bunny, I won't have to take as long to make a decision when I do find that new special someone, wherever it may be.
  5. Not buying an animal at the pet store gives me a new opportunity to rescue an animal in need from the shelter, rather than promoting the puppy/bunny mills.
Today, I am in Washington, DC to participate in this year's Food Safety Summit. I am thankful for this opportunity to
  1. strengthen my confidence in traveling by myself
  2. put in some good face time with our North American sales team (and my boss, and HER boss)
  3. meet some new DuPonters worldwide, including Tip from Taiwan
  4. see both our show booth and the booths of competitors, to get some ideas of how we can better communicate with the public
  5. visit and explore another great city!


Today I appreciate:
  1. the dandelions in bloom along the sidewalks on my drive to work
  2. fresh, cold orange juice and a bagel with real butter
  3. the box of Irish truffles Barb brought me from her vacation
  4. leaving work (pretty much) on time, rather than an hour late
  5. my first smell of this year's newly-cut grass
Oh boy.

Doug and I were out and about this afternoon, and we decided to stop by the Pet Kare and maybe have some play time with a cute puppy before we headed home. But... we never even made it to the puppy section. I fell in love as soon as I walked in the door.

We came home empty-handed, so as not to make a decision without giving it some serious thought. But I have a feeling we'll be back before too long. (I even had the store clerk mark this bunny with some green nail polish, so I can identify her again.)

Apr. 16th, 2011

Today, I am grateful for
  1. the 1-hour massage I got last night that has made my entirely body feel relaxed and stress-free
  2. sweet, soothing hot cereal to satiate my grumbling stomach
  3. a boyfriend who loves to snuggle
  4. the opportunity to wear my favorite sweaters one more time before the warm weather permanently kicks in
  5. free, warm water in my bathroom for warm, invigorating showers

Apr. 14th, 2011

I love Kickstarter. As I browse through the lists and lists of currently running projects, I find it so interesting to gain this insight into the kinds of creative, or charitable, or sometimes absurd ideas that people feel passionate enough about to bring them to life. And, perhaps on a slightly selfish note, I feel good when I realize that there is something I can do to help make it all happen!

As part of my resolution to give back every month, I've discovered these three projects to support this April:

The Urban Orchard in Philadelphia - UC Green is an urban greening non-profit organization that plants and tends hundreds of street trees in West and Southwest Philadelphia. This year, they plan to out-do themselves and plant orchards in vacant lots, schoolyards, and other neglected urban spaces to help beautify neighborhoods, reduce air and noise pollution, and provide fresh food that is easily (and legally!) accessible to everyone in the city. What a phenomenal idea! This one's my favorite so far.

A New Art Exhibition in the Wissahickon Valley - New Trails aims to intelligently and provocatively activate empty storefront venues and outdoor spaces in the Philadelphia community of Chestnut Hill (Historic Germantown Avenue) through a series of arts exhibition events.As my father is also a volunteer to help restore this area in Pennsylvania as part of the Wissahickon Valley Watershed Association, I felt a personal connection to this project, too.

A Community Kitchen in Cambridge - We all know how much I love food, and how important it is to me that every have access to the ingredients and utilities needed to produce fresh, healthy meals. So when I discovered the Cambridge Community Kitchen, a community center seeking to promote food education and business development through shared use kitchen facilies, event space and a marketplace, I was completely sold. I hope this project will become a great success so that others like it will develop and reach more people!
Thank you, my Tiny Buddha email of the day, for reminding me that the purpose of this journal is not merely to capture a summary of events when they happen, but to help me focus on recognizing and appreciating the good in my world. I am grateful for this little reminder to stay centered, calm and accepting in my busy life.

Five Other Things I'm Grateful For At This Moment:
  1. ChapStick (used sparingly) to comfort my wind-blown lips
  2. The sense of humor my coworkers have, which makes me smile throughout the work day
  3. Displayed photos of friends and family that remind me of fun times in their company
  4. Warm tea to soothe a sore throat
  5. My ability - physically and monetarily - to stop by the grocery store this afternoon and pick up good, healthy food for some new dinner recipes

Apr. 11th, 2011

I just spent the last 2 days in Germantown, MD for a nice, much-needed wifey weekend! I always feel so lucky to have such a wonderful, fun-loving, supportive friend as my Kelly.

Apr. 10th, 2011

I can't believe what's in my living room right now. But I guess I signed up for stuff like this when I started dating this boy... sigh.

And yes, he dragged that thing all the way down the street and into our house from the spot where he found it on the sidewalk... all I can say is, he's lucky he's so cute. <3


This afternoon at work I had a case of the "oh crap I need a new photo of products we don't have in the office" dilemma. And I needed the photo today. That means it's Photoshop time!

Now, I have pretty much no experience with Photoshop. Zero. Nada. Zip. Which makes this whole "let's Photoshop a whole new professional picture" deal into quite the challenge for me. so, I pull up the Adobe Help file, pull out Photoshop for Dummies or some other basics instruction book, and get experimenting.

After a few hours of fiddling around, I figured out to do everything I needed - extract elements from two different photos, layer them into a single picture where one is slightly behind the other, re-color the whole thing to make all the elements match, and place them on the background we use for all our other product photos. I worked hard, stayed focused, and didn't get frustrated, and voila! My photo turned out awesome. I am super proud of myself.

I also ended up being so absorbed in figuring this all out that I stayed at work over an hour late. I guess time flies when you're having fun :P
Actually took a lunch break today (I know, I know) with Malkia, our new tech writer. We ended up laughing so hard we were practically in tears! So much fun. I like her.

Some important conclusions of our lunch conversation:
  1. Hamsters may be a better replacement for a puppy than boring old fish.
  2. More living space just means that it's more of a challenge to clean once it gets to "that point"
  3. Despite what our men think, cookies and pie are NOT valid breakfast choices (but pizza might be okay).


Oh, I put together a nice collection of our Italy photos and videos on YouTube!

Last night, in my mind, was a wonderful kick-back to our college days. Instead of thinking about things like cleaning up the dinner dishes or what time we had to wake up for work tomorrow, Doug and just sat an enjoyed each other's company. We lay together on the couch, listening to music and telling each other stories that the songs reminded us about. And we stayed this way, not moving, until our eyes started to close and we began drifting off to sleep.

If this isn't nice, I don't know what is.

Mar. 31st, 2011

I love, love, LOVE my pit wifeys!!